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Loving those Pups

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To Unite the R/S shippers going to Sectus
A place for all the Remus/Sirius fans who are going to Sectus 2007 in London to meet up and organize.

Sectus - A HP Fandom Conference - London 2007

Remus/Sirius Activities to look forward to:
♥ Thursday 12:00 pm; Slashers Picnic in the Park
♥ Wednesday Night TBA Dinner held by sectus_marauder. And how can you love R/S and not love the Marauders, eh?

This community is open to anyone 18 years of age or older as of July 19th of 2007 as that is the minimum age requirement for attending Sectus. This is the place to get to know one another, make plans, swap ideas and generally squee ourselves silly over both Remus/Sirius and Sectus. If you have art, fic, icons, etc that incorporate both Remus/Sirius and Sectus, then share away.

Upon joining the community, be sure to take a few moments to introduce yourself to everyone. Feel free to answer any or all of the following questions:

Are you a writer, artist, or reader/viewer? (Or all of the above? Or something else?)
If you are a writer or artist, provide a link to one of your Remus/Sirius themed works:
What are some of your favorite Remus/Sirius fics or authors?
What are some of your favorite pieces of Remus/Sirius art or artists?
Why does Remus/Sirius appeal to you?
When or how did you first become interested in Remus/Sirius?
Tell us some of your non-fandom interests, hobbies, or activities:

Thanks to sectus_snarry, for many of these introductory questions and sectus_hd who I pretty much copied this whole intro page from (with the only change being H/D to S/R.) Fans of Snarry and H/D should go over and check out those comms as well!

Please note that this community IS NOT for the promotion of non-Sectus communities, RPGs, events, etc. Don't post your non-Sectus art, fic, icons, etc. here. There are plenty of other comms for that.

sectus_ltd is the comm to go to for all of the official announcements and updates, and there's sectus_chat for whatever unoffical, non-shippy chatting up you want to do.